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T’ai Chi requires a highly skilled Instructor to teach it well. The health benefits are proportional to the quality of the teaching. The TAO sets the highest quality standards for its Instructors. Here are some of the first hand reports of Taoist Arts Organisation students.

After serious back problems that eventually led to early retirement, K’ai Men and Tao Yin exercises were a godsend. When I went to the Pain Control Clinic they were so impressed with the results of my exercises that they asked me to explain them so that others could use them. Since then it has been these exercises and the practice of T’ai Chi that has enabled me to be flexible and mobile and manage the pain without the use of constant painkillers.

My breathing capacity has increased and I no longer suffer from chest infections in the winter. I certainly notice a dip in energy and an increase in pain, if for any reason I miss practicing T’ai Chi for a few days.

I enjoy T’ai Chi and I wish that I had started lessons years ago. It gives me a real sense of well-being and it improves my energy levels.

I have recently had a skin graft on my hand and I find that Tai Chi helps the circulation to that hand so that it is more flexible.

The last time that I went to the well woman clinic for a blood pressure check, the nurse said how much lower it was than on previous occasions. I had just come from the T’ai Chi class.

The exercises and movements of T’ai Chi are very beneficial. Also remembering the details of the exercises and moves is stimulating mentally. It helps socially as well; I have met a group of fun loving people whom I also meet outside of class time. It helps to keep me active and young at heart.

After an operation on my inner ear I lost my balance and at the age of 45 was thinking of using a walking frame, I was so unstable. Through T’ai Chi I have strengthened and aligned my body and now feel confident in walking unaided.

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