Tony’s teaching philosophy

In over 40 years of studying and practising Chinese Martial Arts, Tony recognises the importance of the fundamental principles shared by all T’ai Chi styles. In his teaching he is careful to encourage students to understand these principles and incorporate them. In this way he teaches students how to

  • optimise the health benefits of their practice
  • develop power and realism in their movements – this is the root of the successful application of the fighting arts
  • avoid the empty and insubstantial movements that pass for T’ai Chi in some other organisations in the UK.

His vision is that the UK should have reliable, good-quality instruction available in all styles of traditional Chinese martial arts. He believes that traditional Chinese systems are of value to the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner and favours preserving the systems in their entirety rather than transforming them into a modern western style sport and losing the associated healing and spiritual qualities they have to offer.