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Harrogate – Tai Chi with Alison Newband

This is Harrogate’s beginners T’ai Chi Class, where we can show you how the gentle and controlled movement of T’ai Chi can be applied to help you be more mobile. How it may be used in application when working with a partner. Learning to walk was easy as a child, now learn to breathe again, then move with the assuredness that the health benefits of T’ai Chi can bring.

About Alison Newband

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Tai Chi - 2nd Tengchi

I found Li style whilst getting over a Kong Sudo injury and it has sustained me through various other problems. It kept my hand in martial arts whilst things got better, and gives me much to think about. After 14 years of Kong Sudo, Li style is now how I would like to continue. I enjoy teaching and after leaving the Kong Sudo teaching, it is time to see if I can help myself by showing other people how Tai Chi may work. Saying that may sound unsure, it is an internal art and my current exploration of my own body is very slow and steady. I hope that by you trying out my class, I can help you understand how to move your body to help yourself!


alinewband [AT] gmail [DOT] com

07931 528759


Emergency First Aid : BCCMA Level 2 Coach : BCCMA Commercial Coach/Indemity Insurance : BCCMA Safeguarding for Martial Arts Certified : Enhanced DBS Checked

Address of Class:

Woodlands Methodist Church, Wetherby Rd, Harrogate


Days and times of Class:

Monday 19:15

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Monday 19:15