Below is an importat email from the TAO Secretary.  Please take the time to read it.


Dear Instructors/Tengchi grades,

I am sending this email to remind and urge all instructors and black jackets who are running classes or intend to run a class in the future that they need to adhere to, and conform to, the rules that are currently in place by our governing body the BCCMA.
Specifically the requirements are Coaching qualification, DBS clearance, 1st Aid and Safeguarding and you need to have these in place to be fully covered by insurance. The coaching qualification include Level 2 or Level 3 which are run on a regular basis and I recently sent out an email regarding the latest Level 3 course. For the DBS you can do this via the BCCMA website and you need to make sure that your 1st Aid certificate is up to date. The BCCMA runs 1st Aid courses specifically tailored for martial arts.

This brings me to the main point which is that you are expected to complete the SCiMA (Safeguarding Children in Martial Arts) course which comprises of three online modules and a webinar. You will need to register with SCiMA which is £16 per annum or £61 for professionals. The website explains what is required and the steps you need to take. You will be expected to upload proof of identity, BCCMA number, DBS certificate, 1st Aid certificate and complete the modules/webinar. The cost of the webinar is £22 and is a one off payment.

The TAO has always tried to be ahead of the curve when it comes to proposed legislation and procedures regarding the teaching of martial arts. Currently there are plans by the Sports Council, who have recently received government funding, to produce the requirements for a professional Chinese Martial Arts qualification. This will mean that at some point in the near future if you do not have this qualification then you will not be able to teach classes. This will eventually cover all venues whether they are held in health centres, private clubs or church halls.

As an organisation we are trying to get our people fully certified so that when new legislation comes in we will be in an advantageous position and will be able to continue teaching. It will also potentially open up further avenues to run classes with bodies such as the NHS and other professional institutions. So please go ahead, register and put aside some time to complete the online training.

Take care,

Checklist for BCCMA coaching qualifications:-
1. Safeguarding and child protection learning and certification

2. Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearance
3. BCCMA National Governing Body Level 2 and 3 coaching qualifications

4.Martial Arts First Aid Training (most should have had this from earlier this year)

Qualification of instructors:-
The instructor must be 18 years or older and must have:

1.     Minimum 1st Tengchi grade in the art they are teaching 

2.     Safeguarding and child protection learning and certification

3.     Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearance

4.     Martial Arts First Aid Training

5.     Minimum BCCMA National Governing Body level 2 coaching qualification

6.     The express approval of the Technical Director for running a children’s class or class with vulnerable adults


Safeguarding and child protection certification, enhanced DBS clearance, martial arts first aid training, and BCCMA National Governing Body level 2 coaching (or above) are all required for SCiMA registration.

All TAO Instructors are required to complete all four components for coaching registration with SCiMA for National instructor accreditation and must keep their training up to date.

It is expected that TAO instructors will have undertaken the appropriate training to coach: children; children and adults with disabilities; and adults, where applicable.