It’s soooooo good to be back training in person.

After a long COVID-19 break our first training course took place last weekend (26 & 27 June).  This was a Twyford Instructor (and invitees) course which had to be limited in numbers due to social distancing.    Here’s a photo of some of the lucky members who attended together with some comments …..

‘An outstanding weekend full of great content and as enjoyable as it always was before Covid. Having had 16 months away from Tony’s teaching, I appreciated it even more.’

‘It was completely brilliant! There’s nothing like being back in the room together training and having the benefit of Tony’s depth of knowledge and understanding. And a big bonus for me – I get to train with all the advanced bods!’

‘I am so grateful to have a Twyford weekend again.  I have missed courses and no one could disagree the content last weekend is another challenging level to aim for. Again a work in progress – Always get an energy boost’