Tai Chi

These are forms of Chinese Wrestling and are the close combat sections of the Li style arts.

Chi Shu: In some people’s eyes Chi Shu looks very similar to the Japanese art of Aikido. When utilising the joints and control of balance, the Chi Shu practitioner is able to execute controls, throws and takedowns. It is also very free-flowing and non-confrontational but Chi Shu can have a devastating effect on an opponent when performed correctly!

Shuai Jiao: Much closer contact is needed in this art than in Chi Shu. The throws and takedowns utilise hips, shoulders, arm and leg sweeps to a great effect. The practitioner is taught to use the whole body rather than relying on his/her strength. Good posture is paramount in this art; arm locks, shoulder, leg and head locks are also part of Shuai Jiao groundwork


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