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Our Kombat Kids classes are specifically designed for the 5-12 and 13+ age groups.

Classes give children and young people the basic grounding in the principles of our Arts with an initial emphasis on building:

  1. Fitness and flexibility
  2. Good postural alignment – static and later moving
  3. Effective defensive techniques – against a static and later a moving attack.

This is done in an atmosphere which promotes respect for others, confidence and self-discipline.

Once they are sufficiently prepared, they are encouraged to test themselves in controlled sparring situations if they wish. If they enjoy this they can progress to our in house TAO competitions and then to national competitions.  We have an excellent record of success with juniors at national level

We find that most juniors actively enjoy the combat arts, but those who do not wish to progress too sparring can pursue other interests, learning forms and continuing to develop their skills and confidence in other ways. The teaching is tailored to the individual allowing for optimal learning.

  1. Classes are taught by qualified Instructors holding coaching and first aid qualifications.
  2. All Kombat Kid instructors are advanced CRB checked.
  3. Class sizes are restricted for safety reasons and to allow maximum input and individual attention.

Twice a year we run a day long coaching session for children and young people. Children from different clubs come together to train under the guidance of a National Coach and six other coaches.

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