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Photo of Chinese Martial Arts instructor: Alison Newband

Tai Chi - 2nd Tengchi


alinewband [AT] gmail [DOT] com

07931 528759

About Alison Newband:

I fell into martial arts in my late 30's when my son showed an interest. I found a hobby/sport I could actually do and get benefit from that did not bore me! Kong Sudo and Tai chi are polar opposites in my eyes, with the Kong sudo, hard and rushing down the river to crush the opposition. Then the T'ai Chi much softer and flowing through the boulders winding its way downstream forcing all off its path.


Emergency First Aid : BCCMA Level 2 Coach : BCCMA Commercial Coach/Indemity Insurance : BCCMA Safeguarding for Martial Arts Certified : Enhanced DBS Checked

Classes organised by Alison Newband: