for a child, young person or vulnerable adult

Note :  It is not up to you to decide if a person has been abused, but it is up to you to report concerns about abuse

1) If the person is injured, or in immediate danger, or at immediate risk take immediate action and ring 999 for police or ambulance

Whether the risk is immediate, as above, or otherwise:

2) Make a written record of your concerns as soon as possible

  • including date, time and place
  • including all the relevant facts and appropriate information **
  • record the words used by the person, as far as possible
  • record what actions you take

3) Tell the person concerned what you are going to do about the concern

  • gain their consent to your actions, if possible
  • and / or note any views they have about you doing this
  • note how they would like the matter to be dealt with
  • consider the balance between listening to someone’s wishes and needing to refer information where others may be at risk

4) Only tell people who need to know – such as your Safeguarding Officer

– your Safeguarding Officer is : Joan Would
– mobile no. 07341 88 55 62
– if you can’t get through by phone, send an email from the TAO website (Contact Us – subject Safeguarding) DO NOT WAIT

  1. add a phone number for where you can be contacted, to your email
  2. this email will be forwarded instantly to the Safeguarding Officer, who will contact you asap
    – the Safeguarding Officer will give you support and advise you on how to proceed, or take the matter further, on behalf of you and the person concerned

5) Inform the person about the outcome of any process, as far as you are aware


Your safeguarding officer will support you through the process of reporting concerns and other support is also available if needed, through the TAO, BCCMA, NSPCC or statutory social services.


** It is your responsibility to make notes of what is said or what has happened, but
you should not try to interview or investigate the circumstances.
Statutory agencies such as the police or social care are responsible for this.


TAO Safeguarding Policy