The Li Style Tai Chi Chuan is a very traditional form of T’ai Chi that embodies Taoist principles.

Tai Chi Chuan


Feng Shou is the Li style version of Kung Fu. It is an internal system, utilising all the principles of T’ai Chi posture and control. Feng Shou is generally translated as ‘Hand of the Wind’; you do not see the wind – you only see its effects.

Feng Shou


The Taoist Arts Organisation (TAO) was established in 1995 by Tony Swanson, it’s Technical Director. Under his leadership and inspiration it is dedicated to preserving the quality, purity and completeness of the Li style Arts and providing teaching of the highest quality to students.

The Tao

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What our members say

  • General

    " After an operation on my inner ear I lost my balance and at the age of 45 was thinking of using a walking frame, I was so unstable. Through T’ai Chi I have strengthened and aligned my body and now feel confident in walking unaided. "

    - Alan from London

  • General

    " I enjoy T’ai Chi and I wish that I had started lessons years ago. It gives me a real sense of well-being and it improves my energy levels "

    - Eve from London

  • General

    " My breathing capacity has increased and I no longer suffer from chest infections in the winter. I certainly notice a dip in energy and an increase in pain, if for any reason I miss practicing T’ai Chi for a few days "

    - Mick from Bristol

  • General

    " The last time that I went to the well woman clinic for a blood pressure check, the nurse said how much lower it was than on previous occasions. I had just come from the T’ai Chi class. love Tai Chi "

    - Sarah from Bexley

  • About Weekend Courses

    " The Harrogate course was the first one I had attended. I loved it, I'm now booking on all the courses I can. "

    - Patrick from London

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About Tony

Tony was already 2nd Dan in Wadu Ryu karate when he first met Chee Soo in 1968. He trained with him continuously in all aspects of the Li family system until Chee Soo died in 1994. By this time Tony was one of the two highest graded and most senior practitioners in the system, and was an internationally recognised Martial Artist in his own right, with a long record of competition success.

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About Chee Soo & TAO history

Professor Chee Soo (June 4, 1919 — August 29, 1994)

Chee Soo was born in London of a Chinese father and English mother but was brought up as a Barnardo’s boy until aged 13 he was placed in work as a bellhop in a London hotel. At this time, playing in a park, his ball accidentally hit a Chinese gentleman, who turned out to be Li Kam Chan.

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