Beginners are always welcome in our classes whether you have experience of other styles of Tai Chi or are a complete novice.


The movement arts of the Li Family regularly taught at the TAO are:


– T’ai Chi Chu’an  :   Commonly also known as Tai Chi or Taiji

– Feng Shou :  The Li style version of Kung Fu

– Chi Shu & Shuai Jiao  :  Forms of Chinese Wrestling (close combat)

– K’ai Men & Tao Yin  :  Breathing exercises

Find a class near you

We have over 50 classes around the UK, Germany and France, with new ones starting soon.

Attending a class FAQ

We run classes in all the movement arts sometimes separately and sometimes integrated.  Unless tailored for a specific group our adult classes welcome students of mixed gender, ages and abilities. Young people are usually taught in Kombat Kids’ Classes

Use our Find a Class section to see who is in your area and where and when they hold their classes. In some areas there may be a choice. You are welcome to visit a class before you decide, that gives you a chance to speak to the Instructor and to their students.

Light, loose-fitting clothing such as a T-shirt and sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms is suitable for training. You will need flexible, flat-soled footwear.


Please introduce yourself to the Instructor before the class and, in confidence, mention any health problems you may have so that they can adapt your training appropriately.

The class will begin with a warm up and then you may do various drills, exercises and Forms, either as a group following the instructor or working in pairs.

Your Instructor will be able to tell you the price of the class. Some classes are paid for individually, some in blocks.


To continue training with us after your first class you will be required to become a member and purchase a BCCMA licence as this includes a free personal accident insurance policy tailored to suit martial arts (your standard accident insurance will not normally cover you). Membership and licence are paid for by annual subscription.

Upcoming Courses

Apart from weekly classes, we hold regular national weekend and residential courses throughout the year

In learning the Arts, there is no replacement for a skilled teacher who can give you individual guidance at each step along your learning journey.

It takes an average of 8 years consistent training and practice to attain the 1st Tengchi grade, the minimum generally required for teaching.