Technical Director Tony Swanson

Tony was already 2nd Dan in Wadu Ryu karate when he first met Chee Soo in 1968. He trained with him continuously in all aspects of the Li family system until Chee Soo died in 1994. By this time Tony was one of the two highest graded and most senior practitioners in the system, and was an internationally recognised Martial Artist in his own right, with a long record of competition success.

Over 30 of Chee Soo’s other Instructors sought him out to become Technical Director of the TAO because of his extensive knowledge and understanding. His abilities as a coach and a teacher have been proven by his work with the TAO. Under his guidance students have flourished at every level. Instructors are better teachers, students are better practitioners.

This claim is backed up by the success of his students in sparring and forms categories at every level of competition. Tony has been the UK national team coach and has judged martial arts competitions nationally and internationally. Although he is a modest man, his expertise and wisdom is such that his views are sought and valued by experts around the world. He is currently the Chairman of the BCCMA, the Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts.