In June 2022 some of our German competition group attended an international Tai Chi competition gaining multipe gold medals in the process.   The biennual Europa Taichi 2022 competition took place in Paris on 17-19 June, 2022 and, as usual, was open to all European countries and all traditional styles of Chinese internal martial arts.

Huge congratulations to all our competitors whether you achieved a medal or not – we are enormously proud of you !


2022 Europa results


Europa 22 photo


Europa 22 photo

It’s soooooo good to be back training in person.

After a long COVID-19 break our first training course took place last weekend (26 & 27 June).  This was a Twyford Instructor (and invitees) course which had to be limited in numbers due to social distancing.    Here’s a photo of some of the lucky members who attended together with some comments …..

‘An outstanding weekend full of great content and as enjoyable as it always was before Covid. Having had 16 months away from Tony’s teaching, I appreciated it even more.’

‘It was completely brilliant! There’s nothing like being back in the room together training and having the benefit of Tony’s depth of knowledge and understanding. And a big bonus for me – I get to train with all the advanced bods!’

‘I am so grateful to have a Twyford weekend again.  I have missed courses and no one could disagree the content last weekend is another challenging level to aim for. Again a work in progress – Always get an energy boost’

For anybody wishing to improve their breathing / digestion in these COVID-ridden times here is one of our Tao Yin respiration exercises.  As you will see it’s also good for your shoulders, neck and back – Enjoy !


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2020 is the 25th anniversary of the formation of the TAO. To celebrate we have designed a special edition version of our training T-shirts which will be available for distribution once we can train together again. Available in all sizes. Red t-shirts will cost £12 and black t-shirts will cost £13.

Take a look at the Lady-Fit version, Unisex Student version, Unisex Instructor version

Please email Jane Frew with the size(s) you require.


This Tao Yin breathing exercise allows the lungs to be exercised properly.

It helps elasticity of alveoli (air sacs) and supporting tissues.

Chinese Medicine would indicate this can help maintain elasticity and dry out excess fluid.

This can prepare the lungs for colds, flu and corona viruses and help reduce the risk of pneumonia.

Click the link below for PDF document 


TAO YIN Lung+Breathing- TAO Mar 2020-3pdf

If you have an underlying lung, heart or other health condition

please seek medical advice before doing this exercise.




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