Welcome to our September Members Resources posting.

We thought we’d help those of you who have difficulty remembering which stance and which direction you need to move in when practising the Tai Chi Form.  Below are excerpts from our Tai Chi Chuan Steps publication which shows the first 6 sequences (22 moves) of the Tai Chi Form using the points of the compass in addition to :

  • Sequence name and move number
  • Direction you are facing (smiley face)
  • The stance you need to be in
  • The direction your feet should be pointing
  • Weight distribution (pink arrow – equally weighted, green arrow – the foot with most weight on, blue arrow – the foot with least weight on)
  • Direction of travel when turning (curved arrow)

Hope you find these useful – Happy training !

As usual we would love to know what you think of this new feature – please send us your comments/feedback.


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