Taoist Arts New Member Registration

The below form is for new members of the Taoist Arts Organisation.
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Photo requirements, accurate representation of new member, max file size of 2mb, accepted file formats: .jpg .png .gif ( maximum 1000 pixels high or wide )

Your data will be stored and processed in accordance with these Policies.


1. To be a TAO member, we need to keep your details from this form on our database. The TAO has a membership database which includes members’ names, dates of birth, email addresses, phone/ mobile numbers, addresses, and will be available to a small number of designated TAO Instructor-members (including your own), in either electronic or paper versions, for the sole purpose of managing your membership and insurance cover.

2. All full TAO members require training insurance which in the UK is provided by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). The TAO needs to send details of your name only to the BCCMA so they can provide you with your BCCMA licence and training insurance. For information on how BCCMA will use your data, please read their Privacy Policy available via their website

3. The TAO may from time to time need to contact you by email or telephone to communicate information to you personally. We also supply a periodic TAO member Newsletter. (I think lots of people get put off by the mention of marketing)

4. The TAO may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of TAO activities and competitions which may be published on our website, other media such as newsletters or manuals, our social media sites, or stored on the archive to promote the TAO and for training purposes.

After completing registration, we will send you an e-mail containing your login details.

Once you login to the website, your will be required to complete your annual membership to get full access to TAO membership benefits.

* means the field is required to complete the form.

If you have any questions or comments on information contained in this form, kindly contact the TAO via our contact us page.