In this session we cover three topics from 3 different members in the TAO.

Q1.     What is Chi and what’s the best way to cultivate it?

Q2.    Regarding the movement of the body, we are generally advised to only use a percentage of our full range of movement during tai chi practice.  However, there are also exercises designed to improve our maximum available range, opening and relaxing our areas of limitation.

Could you discuss the relationship between K’ai Men and Tao Yin exercises in increasing ranges of movement to the maximum/optimum percentage of our available ranges please?

Q3.     I’ve just watched Q&A 6 and I have a handy question that you may want to use. I was thinking that it would be good to combine ideas from three different Q&As together to illuminate them: Acceptance, the 3 Nos and Honour/ Respect.

“If the new guy in town walks in to the local pub for the first time, spills your pint and then spits in your face as a first introduction, acceptance and finding peace with the situation might be helpful internally as a starting point, but without addressing honour this response could be taken as an invitation to further dominance-establishing actions. Also, blanket acceptance would mean a lowering of self-respect, which in turn compromises the 3 Nos. How can we allow these three principles to be mutually supportive instead?”

These are the Technical Directors reflections and understandings they should be taken as his experience and personal opinion only.





Q 3.