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Bexleyheath Tai Chi with Shaun Cahill

This is a mixed ability class with a gender balance including all age ranges and open to beginners and more experienced members. The first hour is open to all, with beginners welcome and classes are tailored to individual abilities. We have an age range of between 40 to 80 and all ages are welcome. The focus of this session is on improving and maintaining good health; a gentle warm up and stretching followed by work on posture, balance, flexibility and breathing exercises geared to personal goals. We then conclude the session with the Tai Chi Form or Flying Hands and a gentle cool down. The second hour is open to all who have trained in the Li Family Style, with the TAO, for at least a year and will build on the previous session and delve deeper into the techniques. Please contact me if you are interested.  


About Shaun Cahill

TAO Member Since:

Founder Member


Tai Chi Tengchi grade 5 : Feng Shou Tengchi grade 2 : Chi Shu 3rd Pan

I am Shaun Cahill and have been a student in the Arts since 1984 originally under Chee Soo. I have trained in London under Tony Swanson since joining the ITS and since the inception of the TAO. One of the founding members of the TAO and have been instructing for over twenty five years.


scahill1959 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

07773 428578


First aid, DBS, Coaching level 3, qualified masseur, level 1 Tui Na.

Address of Class:

Scout Hall, Franklin Road, Bexleyheath, Kent


Days and times of Class:

Wednesday 10:00

Wednesday 11:00

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Wednesday 10:00

Wednesday 11:00