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Tai Chi / Qi Gong with Renée

Class Information:

This class covers Tai Chi and Qi Gong breathing exercises (Kai Men and Tao Yin). The main focus is on improving and maintaining good health.

Class starts with a Tai Chi warm-up followed by work on Tai Chi principles, posture, alignment, balance and flexibility, incorporated into Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Students have opportunities to test posture and understand martial applications.

All are welcome, whatever your ability or experience, whether aiming to boost health and wellbeing or to train towards forms competitions.

Home practice is encouraged to help increase the benefits and your understanding of Tai Chi.

Your first class is free. Please wear loose trousers and clothing and flexible flat non-slip footwear.

** This class is currently on hold due to Covid19 restrictions.

About Renée

TAO Member Since:



1st Teng Sanshou (Sanda); 2nd Teng Tai Chi; Advanced Tui Na Practitioner

I have been training in all aspects of the Li-Style Family system for over 10 years, under Master Tony Swanson, Taoist Arts Organisation (TAO) Technical Director. Having trained in Shotokan Karate for several years before, I was fascinated from the outset with what I saw and experienced in this internal Martial Arts and Health System. I was drawn to the breadth, depth, beauty and power of the Li-Style. I have competed at National and European championships in Tai Chi, Tui Shou, Qingda, and Sanshou and currently hold British and European championship titles in these. I continue to learn and develop, regularly attending training and residential courses. There is always more to discover! I feel lucky to be able to coach and help students develop and achieve their personal goals.


reneesance11 [AT] gmail [DOT] com


BCCMA NGB Silver Level Instructor Coaching Award (with Sport England recognition); BCCMA Level 3 Advanced Coach Development Training (all 4 modules); First Aid Training qualification; Enhanced DBS clearance; BCCMA Safeguarding certification; BCCMA NGB Level 2 Coaching Award; BCCMA Sanhsou Judge certification; Li-Style Advanced Tui Na qualification.

Address of Class:

Complementary Health Centre, 174 Manor Lane, London

SE10 9PS

Days and times of Class:

Thursday 18:15

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Thursday 18:15