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Ross On Wye – Tai Chi with Jane Frew

Our class runs in the Friends Meeting House every Wednesday evening.  This is a mixed ability class of all ages.  Beginners are always welcome.

We teach Tao Yins, Kai Men, the T’ai Chi Form and the martial applications when asked.

The focus of the classes is on maintaining and improving good health and well being.  We begin with a warm up which starts the work on posture, stance, balance and flexibility and is developed through an evening of breathing exercises, partner work and T’ai Chi Form.

About Jane Frew

TAO Member Since:

Founder Member


Tai Chi - 3rd Tengchi Feng Shou - 3rd Tengchi

Jane is a founder member of the TAO and has been training with Tony Swanson since 1993. She started Tai Chi to help manage the stress of work and within a few months started Feng Shou and Chi Shu for self-defence. Jane became a T’ai Chi Instructor in 2000 and a Feng Shou Instructor in 2002. Since then, Jane has competed successfully in martial arts and T'ai Chi competitions. She says that learning T’ai Chi is a fascinating, lifelong journey and she continues to be amazed by what she learns as she teaches the Li Family Arts.


taichirossonwye [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

07722 644746


First Aid Qualified BCCMA Level 2 Coach Level 2 NVQ in Chinese Martial Arts

Address of Class:

Friends Meeting House, 3a Brampton Street, Ross on Wye


Days and times of Class:

Wednesday 19:00

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