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Swansea – Tai Chi with David Clyant

Forge Fach Community Centre

David has been practicing the Li Family Style since 1979 and teaching since 1990 and is a Senior Instructor and Founder Member within the Taoist Arts Organisation.

The first class, which is 90 minutes long, covers many aspects of the Li Family Style including Feng Shou Kung Fu and Tai Chi, push hands, breathing exercises, etc. – total beginners are always welcome. The second class, which is 60 minutes long, starts at 1pm and is aimed at practicing breathing exercises to help ease any ailments that you may currently have as well as helping to keep your body and mind in a healthy condition.

Until a class uniform is obtained each class is practiced in loose clothes, e.g. t-shirt, sweatshirt, jogging trousers and trainers.

If you have any queries please contact David before coming along.

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About David Clyant

TAO Member Since:

Founder Member


Tai Chi - 3rd Tengchi : Feng Shou - 4th Tengchi

David has been involved in the field of body and qi work since 1979 and as well as a registered Acupuncturist, Tui Na Master Practitioner and Chinese Formula Herbalist is also a registered T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Kung Fu instructor, Reflexologist and Swedish Masseur. In addition, David has also been working in the field of closed systems – physical, mechanical and electrical, for over 30 years. This experience enables David to find the system imbalances that other people may not recognise. To help with overall energetic assessment, David has also been studying with a teacher in the field of Energetic Healing since 1997. This form of healing comes from the Dineh people of North America, and coupled with the experience of training in Taoist Martial Arts since 1979, enables David to assess the overall physical and energetic state of a person. With the assessment comes also a re-balancing of a person’s Chakra and Tan T’ien systems.


david [DOT] clyant [AT] gmail [DOT] com



Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine MAcuC MCNHC BCCMA Level 2 Coach

Address of Class:

Forge Fach Community Centre, Hebron Road, Clydach, Swansea



Days and times of Class:

Thursday 11:00

Thursday 13:00

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