Tai Chi

Over the past seven years we have entered into competition at National, International and World levels. Our team of coaches are trained to Governing Body standard and most are also qualified judges/referees. Most of our competitors enter into at least two of the following disciplines.

Semi-contact sparring performed on an 8x8m matted area. Accumulation of points is by kicking and punching the opponent – using no more than 10% of your power. Points are also scored by either taking your opponent to the floor or pushing him/her out of the area. Bouts are 3 two minute rounds.

Qingda Rules

A full-contact version of Qingda – Sanshou competition is performed on a raised platform or Lei Tai (very much like a boxing ring but without the ropes). Our Sanshou athletes are trained to a very high standard of physical fitness. Bouts are 3 two minute rounds.

Sanshou Rules

Competitors test out the effectiveness of the T’ai Chi principle elements within a 6m circle. Combining the elements of Peng, Lu, Chi, An, Ts’ai, Lieh, Chou and K’ao athletes try to out-manoeuvre one another scoring points by forcing their opponent out of the area or by making them lose balance.

Tui Shou Rules

This is a form of Chinese Wrestling combining the techniques of Tui Shou (above) with throws and take-downs. Performed on an 8x8m matted area scores are gained when your opponent has at least 3 limbs on the floor or is forced out of the area. Contests are a duration of 3 two minutes with a 30 second break in between.

Shuai Jiao

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What our members say

  • General

    " After an operation on my inner ear I lost my balance and at the age of 45 was thinking of using a walking frame, I was so unstable. Through T’ai Chi I have strengthened and aligned my body and now feel confident in walking unaided. "

    - Alan from London

  • General

    " I enjoy T’ai Chi and I wish that I had started lessons years ago. It gives me a real sense of well-being and it improves my energy levels "

    - Eve from London

  • General

    " My breathing capacity has increased and I no longer suffer from chest infections in the winter. I certainly notice a dip in energy and an increase in pain, if for any reason I miss practicing T’ai Chi for a few days "

    - Mick from Bristol

  • General

    " The last time that I went to the well woman clinic for a blood pressure check, the nurse said how much lower it was than on previous occasions. I had just come from the T’ai Chi class. love Tai Chi "

    - Sarah from Bexley

  • About Weekend Courses

    " The Harrogate course was the first one I had attended. I loved it, I'm now booking on all the courses I can. "

    - Patrick from London

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