T’ai Chi Ch’uan

The Li style is a very traditional form of T’ai Chi similar in its size and frame to the Wu style. The various T’ai Chi styles evolved in the different Chinese families that developed them to suit the physical characteristics and lifestyle of the family. However all styles of T’ai Chi embody certain basic principles which ensure effectiveness as a martial art and maximise the health benefits of the movement.

The constant observation of these principles ensures that the body is always properly aligned so that the movements use and develop the natural range and articulation of the joints without force or impact.

The lack of force allows the body to relax so that properly performed it will improve circulation, reduce blood pressure and stimulate the immune system.

A relaxed body allows the mind to become more focussed and many people enjoy the practice of T’ai Chi as a moving meditation, helping them develop calm and tranquillity in their everyday lives.

Like other systems the Li style has various Forms

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